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4 Best Workout Switch Games

Sparkle some fun into your workouts using these Nintendo Switch titles as they can replace your workout and provide much more fun. You can do it anytime and practically anywhere as the switch can be placed anywhere. Don’t let money prevent fun workouts as one title is free on the Nintendo store.

1. Fitnes boxing

$49.99 - DEMO

This game offers a great start point into boxing so if you are new to boxing this game will surely teach you. The Hd rumble feature will provide you more realistic punches so it doesn’t exactly feel like punching in the air. Follow the game’s list of popular songs and box through it. The exercises can be as long as an hour and are tracked every time you complete one therefore when you want to check progress a nice graph will be displayed. You can also choose through a few different trainers which aren’t really that important, to be honest. The game also provides a decent calorie burn as the workouts progressively become intenser where the calorie burn can come to a 300kcal in 40 minutes.

This was definitely my favorite form of workout on the switch as the joycons provide you realistic punches and the intensity of the workout which is decently progressing over time.

2. Jump rope Challenge


To relieve the boredom this game was suddenly released out of nowhere. The game challenges to play a little of it each day and eventually get that 100 jumps. The games uses HD rumble to create an imaginary rope which is measured pretty decently. For more fun, you can also invite your friends to reach that milestone which can be increased after beating it to keep you more motivated. Whenever you think you’ve had enough you can always take a break or change the bunny’s clothes.

This game is a great alternative to a jump rope if you somehow can't afford one or just don’t want to buy one as this game is free and can provide a decent workout if you try to give it your all.

3. Arms

$59.99 DEMO

This game is the most fun in this list as it provides an interesting invention to boxing as seen from the picture the hands have these springs which can be launched onto the opponent from a further distance. Other than that the game also uses the HD rumble feature making the fights much more intense. The game can also be played with a friend on a split-screen or using online play. The game will first teach you how the game plays and then you can try and play the super fun tournaments. In terms of a great workout, you do swing a lot and can potentially burn a lot of calories and could replace some forms of cardio if done for long.

This was surely the most fun one and I would recommend to anyone who wants to have legit fun and simultaneously burn some calories

4. Just dance series

$39.99 DEMO

A game of dancing while listening to the greatest hits of its corresponding year where you can bring your friends to shake it up. It is as fun as challenging as it provides a scoring system. The game offers an Unlimited membership providing 500+ songs and you get 1 month for free when you purchase the game.

This one is fun yet it might not be worth the price as the new songs are not updated because of the yearly release of a new Just dance game where the new hits are added. I would recommend it to every dancer out there owning a switch who is willing to spend money for the corresponding year hits.

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