Protein Food vs. Protein Supplements

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Protein is known as the main type of macro-nutrient for building muscle mass and today because of the fast-paced lifestyle people don't have the time to cook a proper meal with protein and that is why various athletes around the world, as well as recreational ones, often reach for protein supplements.

But are protein supplements really necessary and what is the difference between them and protein in the food?

Protein supplements are not needed if a person gets enough protein from their food. However, most people do not eat food that contains a large amount of protein throughout the day, and therefore prefer to buy protein supplements, which are quick and easy to prepare meals of protein. The most popular and most useful protein supplements are made of whey which is one of the richest sources of protein. Whey proteins have proven to be the best for muscle mass growth of all the different types of protein sources in supplements, so they are also the most widely used. However, they still can’t compete with protein from food. Proteins obtained from the food have been proven to be better than any protein supplement, as they are also the most natural. The best sources of protein in food include meat products, dairies, nuts, eggs... and because they may add up in price or take too much of our time most people prefer protein supplements as they get the protein faster than they would get when preparing said food. We can also take protein supplements with us from home, which is easier than taking cooked meals. A large amount of sales is also provided by various advertisers and influencers, who turn ordinary protein supplements into a "mega product for building muscle mass", and convince many inexperienced users to buy them, as they promise "insanely good results" in using these products, which, of course, is usually misleading.

Therefore, it is recommended to get protein from the high protein food and use protein supplements only in case when we do not have access to time to prepare a protein-rich meal.

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