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Do These 10 Things To Drastically Improve Your Health

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Before I embarked on my fitness journey I’ve had many people say to me “that’s not healthy”. Even after that, I see that people visualize something being healthy completely differently than others.

I have struggled with health issues as a kid and almost died because of that. By almost having kidney failure I realized I needed a change in my life, so in this article, I will share these 10 life-changing tips that have drastically improved my health.

1. Rest

It is a good thing to listen to your body whether it is hurting or just tired, you should do what is needed to relieve that pain so that the body may recover. To even avoid such problems you mustn't overdo things like training, walking running, etc. Just take a rest as you will feel better, perform better, and recover faster.

Resting Between Workouts

2. Don’t Ignore Stress

If you are unsure about a serious choice, or something that happened to you that just makes you feel stressed definitely do not ignore it. People with stress find various solutions such as deep breathing techniques and even yoga as it helps them relax therefore properly flushing that stress down. If it’s a thing in the past just ignore it, it’s over don’t overthink it, if a serious moment is to come, sit down and take a few deep breaths until you will feel better and trust me this helps and maybe even put some relaxing music in the background and you shall see promising results relieving that stress.

Stressed Man

3. Walk More

What is more healthy than taking a walk in nature and just being stress-free and not thinking about anything else. Take a walk in nature, put some music or a podcast and you are going to be relaxed. Such activity will keep your mind at rest but don’t exactly overdo it as you can tire your legs and can form a blister. It even burns calories thus giving you a little control over your weight.


4. Control Your Weight

Being overweight can pressures your bones to the point that it is more likely to cause an injury even if your body fat levels are low and it also increases the risk of various diseases. By being at a controlled weight, meaning not too low, not too high you dispose of such risks and make injuries less probable. To see what the perfect range is refer to a body mass index guide where your weight is measured as well as your height and then indexed.

Checking Your Weight

5. Get Enough Sunlight

Sure many people go in the sun and get their vitamin D, but what about when it’s winter or just cloudy outside. For people that just cannot get their vitamin from the sun, it is recommended to seek help in supplements such as a vitamin d3 that is quite cheap for a year's usage, and probably even worth buying for those who spend less than a little time in the sunlight.

Getting Sunlight

6. Eliminate Processed Food

This is a HUGE one! This will incorporate a much healthier life. Finding processed food is quite easy as you find it almost everywhere in today’s supermarkets. Eating such food will leave you wanting more, so you can probably guess they are made that way so they sell more. The most healthy way is to eat lean foods like eggs, meat, fish… they have no other ingredients they are completely lean and natural, unlike processed food which has a ton of ingredients. By cooking your meals with lean food you eliminate that addictiveness and tend to eat way less in terms of calories but way more in terms of saturation and you have way greater sources of fat, carbs, and proteins and that will keep you lean.

Lean Food

7. Socialize

With the current events, not all people can see their friends and socialize, therefore incorporating some negative effects on themselves. Socializing can even prolong your life and gives you a huge mental and physical boost. Therefore if for any reason you cannot go outside use these apps like Messenger or if you want to find somebody new try apps like Bumble.

Digital Social Media

8. Drink Water

Our body consists of a lot of water, and you probably think drinking water is healthy. Yes, you’re right! Can you overdo such a simple task? I recommend drinking at least upon every meal until you feel satisfied, so listen to your body if it’s too much water. What about other beverages? Firstly I'd like to dive into juices… They are easily confusing to people and who can think: Oh this juice is basically orange… No, yet it does have some vitamins, these juices are deprived of the major quantities of vitamins and minerals their correspondent fruits have and are filled with unnatural sugar which can be a little bit addictive. Some other carbonated can even lead to big kidney problems and can damage it severely to a point of no return. Imagine losing your kidney because you did not drink water…

Glass Of Water

9. Take Care Of Your Eyes

During these times most of the time spent is by watching a screen either a tv, pc, or your phone. Doing that can cause significant eye problems that can lead to even headaches and just poor sleep. To get rid of such a problem enables a blue light filter which decreases the amount of blue light displayed which does provide better sleep or you can also buy yellow-tinted glasses that also decrease blue color.

Virtual Reality Gamer

10. Keep Your Back Straight

If you’ve made it so far then you’re probably quite fond of sitting, where you position yourself just to get to that comfortable spot. Doing that will cause you to have a messed up back either by being arched away from the hips or your shoulder alignment being way back. You might have lost the flexibility to even have a straight back or just forgot the feeling therefore you should do some exercises for a straight back which will prevent so many things from back injuries to even permanent spine damage.


There are a lot of things you can do to be in perfect health some may be more obvious whereas some are just engraved in your head and maybe you just don’t even realize that what you do is not healthy. Fixing your eating habits for example is one of the most obvious things you can do to improve your health, but some are just not cut out for it to completely eliminate that tasty processed food whereas the majority probably don’t even realize their back isn’t straight. What about you, did you find these tips helpful?

Healthy Food

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