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How I Made 200$ By Walking And How You Can Too

People start losing motivation after a while either by drifting away from your goals, not training or just not doing anything. I am pretty sure that these types of people would probably hop back in if I offered them money and even many other people. With such advancement in technology, apps are progressively rising and few of them are legitimate to even earn money doing the simplest of tasks like walking.


This simple app pays you for going on a walk where you don't need to do anything else. The way it works is that you have a step limit, at first they offer you very cheaply (by using in-app coins) a limit of 24,000 steps which is briefly around 2$ a day in sweatcoins. Do this every day for a year and you got yourself almost 1,000$ of passive money. If you are an active walker(24k+steps) you can purchase another limit with sweatcoins so you can earn more money, but it is not recommended if you do not do this every day.

One sweatcoin is approximately 0.05 - 0.10$ which does add up after months of walking well even years and you got yourself free 1,000$ passively. I personally have been using this app for almost a year and have earned 2000 sweatcoins which is approximately 200$. The in-app money can be spent on products it offers, for example currently it offers a nice TV and a Go Pro and also various trips around the world. If you are a wholesome person you will probably donate it to charity as the app makes it quite easy to do so. If you do not have enough coins for any products you can also spend them on various discounts that are quite exclusive from this app.

Is It a Scam?

No, but why am I this sure? The app has been around for several years and literally no one has claimed that it didn't work either by not giving the product or not counting steps while many are flexing on the money they got from literally walking...

I Am Not An Active Walker. Is This For Me?

Do you go to work, school...? Then you probably walk during your day while at least getting 6k steps. If you seriously do less than 10 steps a day averagely in a year then you will not be getting a lot coins. As the first limit is free, you literally have nothing to lose, only gain passive money.

Can I Quit My Job And Walk For a Living?

You need to keep in mind that is practically free money for you and one of the ways the company gets paid is by showing you additional ads for more coins. Therefore if you were somehow able to make a minimum wage the company surely couldn't profit providing everyone such large amounts of money as they would need to provide it to over 10 million users. Currently, it has a system of membership. The first one requires is free where you can earn 5 coins a day (about 4km of walking), onward you can pay with coins from 4.75 coins a month so you can earn 10 coins a day which is around 10k steps a day, this goes up to 30 coins and there is also a premium with 50 coins and addition 1.49 euros.

Get 5 Sweatcoins For Free Just For Starting

By simply downloading the app using the link here you can already start with 5 coins in your wallet. It's a free app that pays to walk, you have nothing to lose.


Walking can cause a little demotivation and you probably do it only because you have to. The app called Sweatcoins makes walking very fun as it rewards you with actual a virtual currency which can be exchanged for various products, and adds a little bit of life into your walking sessions. So if you walk daily this app is very much for you as you can get 1000$ in about a few years passively by only walking. Although there is a premium version of the coin limit where you have to pay with real money, it beats the point of getting the money free.

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