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How To Lose Fat And Build Muscle At The Same Time

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

You might have heard something along the lines of a bulk is necessary to build muscle and a cut to lose fat. Well not exactly, what if I told you there is a shortcut to both and achieving that dream body. While there is no genetics to blame the only thing to say whether this is possible or not is you and to help you achieve that ultimate goal I will be breaking down each factor that needs to be met.

1. Workout

To build muscle your muscle tissue must be damaged enough therefore to achieve that you need to put some tension on your muscles and progress every week which is called progressive overload. What that means is that you increase the intensity on your workouts either by lifting more weights or by doing more exercises than before but in any case you need to be better than last week and so on.

2. No More Stress

It's no mystery that stress is not a good thing furthermore it also hurts your body and muscles. Try to relieve stress with meditation or yoga and simply do one or the other each day. The other important variable is sleep and it is essential to get your 7-9 hours in as it also helps your muscles to recover.

3. Protein

No matter whats the case you are going to need protein when it comes to muscles as it repairs your muscle tissue therefore it is essential you get enough of it. There are a lot of different studies of how much you need but all are different, I personally go for double my weight in kg to get the grams of protein per day.

4. Calorie Intake

If you were to eat in a caloric surplus you would surely get more muscle but on the other hand, your other goal isn't going to be met as you cannot lose fat in a bulk, therefore, the only way to lose fat is truly only in a deficit. For you to build muscle in a deficit you would still need a lot of energy to perform your workouts so you probably shouldn't be in a too deep of a deficit, it is believed that you shouldn't go further than a 500 kcal deficit.

Conclusion While it is also possible to do cycling between bulking and cutting this is an alternative shortcut where you don't gain body fat but lose it by simply slowing the muscle-building process. Nothing can go wrong if you get these factors right even if one is off the results aren't going to be as great. You should also take into consideration that the results vary from person to person.

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