3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Mass Gainer

Quite a few active athletes have at least once in their lives used a mass gainer to gain weight and thus gain muscle mass faster.

But what exactly is a mass gainer and for whom is it suitable?

A mass gainer is a dietary supplement that is high in carbohydrates and protein. The main purpose of a mass gainer is to gain weight, so it contains a lot of carbohydrates therefore having a lot of quick to consume calories. It is intended primarily for people who find it difficult to gain weight and gain muscle mass and do not have time to prepare for a proper meal. It is most often used by beginners who embark on a "fitness path", but it is also widely used by experienced athletes who have a fast metabolism and therefore find it harder to get the right amount of calories for muscle growth. It is most commonly used during the fall and winter when most athletes go on a so-called bulk up (gain weight) whey they eat more calories then they consume.

A mass gainer is best prepared with milk, mixed with other ingredients such as fruit and peanut butter, which contributes to even more calories. People get the necessary calories they need to gain weight much easier and faster than if they had to consume the same amount of calories from their prepared meals.

The prices of mass gainers are around 35 € for one month of use, which is quite variable as quite a change can be made on the body in one month. Of course, the company that produces it depends on the quality of the mass gainer.

1. No Need Buying Other Supplements

That's right! Gainers are designed to replace a lost meal therefore it contains all the needed macros including vitamins and minerals while some of them also include creatine which is a decent ingredient for extra reps! They are many variable types for your needs: ones that have more fat over carbs and reverse and some even include up to 100g of protein.

2. Quick Calories

Imagine not hitting the calorie needs because of various reasons such as not finding the time, being lazy, don't know how... Well, that can certainly hurt your gains and can even put you in a major deficit where your body will use all of the remaining energy just to maintain it, let alone build it.

One serving contains roughly about 200 calories which are mostly from carbs and protein and if that somehow isn't enough you can add more high caloric foods such as peanuts and bananas and blend them with the gainer. The final result is an easy to drink shake and can easily be used anywhere at any time.

3. Creatine For Muscle Growth

Should You Buy One With Creatine?

Creatine is one of the most researched supplements out there for it to be safe for usage. Back in the days, it was forbidden to use it in competitions as it gave you a decent performance boost and could be just enough for a victory over non-users. Not only does it give you a few extra reps when lifting to build more muscle mass, but it also makes your muscles look bigger as it fills them with water.


The mass gainer dietary supplement is great for people who have a fast metabolism and find it difficult to find the time or prepare a meal. The product is, however, a dietary supplement, so it should not be used as a dietary substitute. It is also not very healthy for the body, so it is not recommended for prolonged use (for a few months). I would recommend optimums nutrition gainer as it has a huge amount of calories, protein and creatine and will result in huge gains! Buy it at a discount here at bodybuilding.com.

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