What Are Fatburners: Do They Work?

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Fat-burners are one of the most common weight loss supplements. Many athletes and other active people use them with their diet, to shed that excess body fat.

Do They Work: What Exactly Do They Do?

In simple terms, fat-burners burn more calories in your body therefore it's easier to stay in that calorie deficit. As a fat burner is not a magical pill the user needs to be in a deficit to burn calories meaning the person still needs to exercise to prevent muscle loss. So fat-burners are just "boosters for fat loss" with which you will have faster results in losing body fat. There are different fat-burners compared to their dosages but in general, they all have the same goal. Another point in using these is hunger suppression as it makes you not crave as much.

Are They Dangerous: How To Use Them Properly?

In general fat burners are not dangerous, but they have some minor side effects, depending on how strong they are. The most common side effects are a lot of sweating, feeling heated, and a faster heartbeat, but some extreme ones can cause a lot of other problems like vomiting, headaches, nausea... It is also very important that people drink more water when taking this supplement. They do include caffeine so it is important you don't use them all the time as your body will build a tolerance toward it. To maximize its effect try cycling - use it for 3 weeks and stop using them for the same amount of time.

Should You Buy?

You need to keep in mind that there's literally no magic pill therefore all the effort that was put before still needs to be put in when using fat burners but it can save you a little time for calorie-burning as it can burn around 200 calories a day. One thing that could have bothered you is your insane cravings of junk food and they are made to suppress it. In my opinion fat burners are for lazy people and when you stop using them you might regain that lost weight and it's definitely more healthy to do more cardio rather than taking some pills.


Whether you need help or want to lose weight faster then fat-burners will be good for you, but you should not exclude exercise and you would still need to be in a deficit, else they are pointless and you will only lose money. Always read the instructions and never take to much of them to avoid side effects. If you consider buying burners I would recommend you Evlution Nutrition.

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