What is Creatine: How It Affects Your Workouts?

Creatine is one of the most studied and tested supplements in the world and is used by many professional athletes.

But what exactly is creatine, is it dangerous, does it work?

Creatine is found in our daily foods such as meat, cranberries, and milk, but mostly in meat. Even our liver produces the amount of creatine we need for normal body functioning but people doing sports like to get more creatine into their body, because it increases muscle mass, strength, and exercise performance, which was proven by studies. It connects with the water in the body and makes muscles look bigger, plus it gives more strength to its users.

It is usually added in the pre-workout supplements, together with other ingredients to maximize the strong ability in the gym. But many people like to take creatine with their postworkout protein shake, to get the maximum ability to recover. For a normal healthy adult, taking creatine is safe, but it is not recommended for people with liver and kidney problems. The user that takes creatine supplements should also drink more water than usual because creatine is connecting with water in the body. The recommended dosage of taking creatine supplements is 5 grams a day since taking more is not going to make a difference in its effect.

What happens if I stop taking creatine supplements?

If a user stops taking creatine supplements, nothing bad will happen. The user may lose some power in the gym but that is all.


If you are an adult with an active fitness life, the creatine will be a good muscle builder for you. Take it before a workout or mix it with your postworkout meal and you will get excellent results.

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