What is a Pre-workout and Should You Take One?

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

In today's society, many fitness enthusiasts take a pre-workout supplement before a workout.

What is so special about it and what are the differences between them?

The pre-workout is a supplement used before intense workouts to give you the extra boost for training. In general, pre-workouts give users more energy, power, endurance, and pump. The classic pre-workout formula contains caffeine (for energy), arginine (for endurance, more oxygen), and creatine (for power). Then each company adds its ingredients in them to make them unique and special. In today's time, there are tons of different pre-workouts, even the ones that don't contain the 3 classic ingredients. That's why everyone can find the pre-workout they like for themselves. They also vary how powerful they are and how long they last.

Can I use pre-workout before every workout and are they dangerous?

In general, pre-workouts are not good for the heart, so the people having heart problems or respiratory diseases should not take them. As well the majority of pre-workouts should be taken by a person who is above the age of 18. The user himself needs to know how much of pre-workout he can take, which depends on the pre-workout and how sensitive he is for the ingredients in it. Taking too much pre-workout can cause headaches, blurriness, insane heartbeat, high pressure, sickness, and so on... They also shouldn't be used by people with high blood pressure for the reason being that many of them contain high dosages of caffeine. It is also not good to take it a few hours before sleep to avoid sleeping problems. In general, the person can take pre-workout before every workout if the dosages are normal, but it is recommended to take a different amount of pre-workout depending on how tired the user is or for how long he will work out. It is also recommended to not take it before every workout because its effects will shrink and the body will get used to it. To avoid such a problem I recommend cycling with it, so use it for a few weeks and then stop for 2-3 weeks to get the best results from it.

Are there any special and historical pre-workouts?

As I said before there are a lot of different pre-workouts, but there are some special ones because they are unique.

There are pre-workouts without caffeine for the ones that don't like caffeine, vegan pre-workouts for vegans, zero sugar pre-workouts for a low-calorie drink, and some pre-workouts that were so extreme that they were banned from the market.

The pre-workout called Jack3d was banned from the market in 2012 when the fitness industry banned the ingredient called DMAA (Dimethoxy-N-methylamphetamine) which is a psychoactive drug. There was a death connected with taking this pre-workout because side effects were too extreme and strong for the hearth.

But the legend of pre-workouts is pre-workout called NO-EXPLODE from company Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition which is still in use from the year 2000. (Not sponsored)


Pre-workouts are harmless for healthy adults and are a great way to boost your energy for your workouts, but you should always take the normal dosages and read the instructions written on the supplements. Find the one that works the best for you and enjoy the fully pumped workouts.

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